A hill too far

Still following the half marathon schedule. Saturday was to be a hill session. I haven’t done hills for some time so I knew it would be hard. It was also looking like another hot day when I joined the group of runners at the meeting point.

We did some warm up exercises and stretches and then the leader outlined the session. It was a challenging session. It consisted of 4 loops with 1 minute recovery between them. According to my Garmin the total distance was 6 miles with a total ascent of 74m. I don’t think I attacked the hills the way I was supposed to. In fact some times I thought I would be quicker walking up the hills and a couple of times I thought I was running on the spot! But I felt good that I was able to keep going and complete the session.

However I was really tired on Sunday morning and really struggled to do the scheduled long run. In the end I only managed about 5 miles and had to walk some of it. It didn’t help that it was raining and that I had decided to run early morning but I think it was mainly due to the effects of the hill session.

So I will need to see how this schedule goes. I may need to revise it if it turns out to be too ambitious and include more rest days if necessary.

But one way or another I’ll be ready for that half marathon!


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