Road to no where

Back at work this week after having some time off and already it’s interfering with running!

Tuesday was supposed to be an 8K tempo run. However as I had to attend a meeting out of town I was unable to meet my friends for the tempo run. Instead I had a late treadmill session at the gym.

Treadmill sessions always seem harder than they should be. Running without actually moving anywhere and having no landmarks to strive for, motivation is hard to find. When the session is based on minutes rather than metres the clock seems to go very slowly. But it had to be done.

Making it up as I went along, I increased my speed from 10.5km/h to 12 km/h over the first 15 mins and then maintained the 12km/h until I had completed 8K. 12km/h is slightly under my best 10K pace so I thought that would qualify as a tempo run.

Finished off with a 10 min cooldown on the bike. Felt tired but good.


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