I haven’t blogged for some time. Partly because I’ve been busy but partly because I’m not sure why I’m doing it.

Am I writing for others to read or am I writing for myself, to see my thoughts on the screen and so clarify them? Or just to keep a personal record for my own amusement?

I have chosen to be as anonymous as possible to allow myself to say anything but so far I have been fairly bland in what I have written.

So I am at a kind of a crossroads still not decided about whether blogging is for me. It would be interesting to know why other people have chosen to blog. So if anyone is reading please let me know.

Motivation has been a bit of an issue for my running as well. I haven’t stopped but I have found it difficult to stick to my half marathon schedule. In particular I am finding the long runs difficult as I don’t have a running partner. Missed last long run because of the weather. Also missed some days because of work.

Just over two weeks to go so will need kick up backside!

Wish me luck..


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