I must be mad

Having missed training for the last few days, I was determined to make tonight’s track session. Travelling home from work I could see that clouds were starting to gather and the sky was getting dark. However my half marathon schedule was preying on my mind so I got changed and headed for the track.

As I got out of the car I could see that it had started to rain. Just light drops so I left my jacket in the car. By the time I started warming up the rain had stopped so I thought I might get away with it.

Session started, 200 and 400m intervals with equal recoveries. Total of 9 K. I was feeling a bit achy and tight in the muscles. So the first couple of laps were hard. But as I loosened off I started to feel good.

Then the rain started for real. Heavy and persistant. Small puddles started to form on the track and I could feel my feet starting to get wet as the water soaked into my socks and through my shoes. A sensible person would have stopped at this point but I was really feeling guilty about missing some days and so carried on. It’s only water, I thought, skin is waterproof.

It’s amazing how heavy a dri fit running top can feel once it gets really soaked. It also starts to stick to your body. That might have had something to do with the wind that was starting to get up of course. I tried pulling it away from my body but it just fell back and clung to me.

By this time my shoes were making squelchy noises and the kids were being told to shelter. But I kept on going.

Then it got even heavier. I’m sure the drops were hitting the track and bouncing 12 inches back up into the air. But I was as wet as I could get and closer to the end of the session than the start. It would have been a waste to stop now.

I finished the session and went straight to the toilets where I spent about 15mins wringing out my top. Must take a change of clothes next time….

Why do we do it?

Must be mad …. Or a runner!


Winds of change

The weather has been changing recently. Still capable of being warm but with some rainy spells and cool winds.

This made my hill session a bit easier this week. Occasional cool breezes across my face and body were just enough to keep me from overheating and made the hilly loops almost pleasant. I haven’t done hills for some time and had forgotten that there is a technique. This was explained at high volume ffrom behind as I struggled up the slope. Shorter stride, head up to keep your airway open and use your arms. It helped and I concentrated on this each loop became not easier but more controlled.

My distance run route is a bit hilly as well so the technique helped next day as I ran my 13K long run. Again cool breezes helped me along and I was pleased to be able to complete it this week. It was nice to see the cattle out in the fields enjoying the open spaces. Not so nice to run over what they had left behind on the roads between the farm yards and the fields though. That’s the countryside for you!